Bloodcloth Island

Bloodc 2

Bloodcloth is a large volcanic island with an mostly temperate climate, save for a dessert and a bit of tropical forrest on the southermmost end of the island.

It has been colonized for a short time, so most of the towns and cities are more of the frontieer type.

The land is mostly unregulated by laws, exept for what local lords and other authorithies declare in their areas.

As a result of this, things forbidden in the civilized world are not regulated on Bloodcloth Island, with the result beeing gladiator fights, rampant crime, and the like.

In the recent years, there have been no ships from the outside world, and noone seems to know why..

In additions there are rumors of ancient powers starting to stir in some of the ancient ruins found across the island

Notable locations

Dragons Jaw

Bloodcloth Island

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