Haug er en liten by/tettsted med ca 750 innbyggere

Haug er mer ledet enn styr av Borgermester Jonark Uptal

I Haug finner man endel steder man kan merke seg.

1.* Seven Silvers*: Most visitors to Haug end up at this
comfortable two-story inn and tavern. Run by Trelvar
Silvers, this inn features modest prices (4 sp/night),
decent food (3 sp/day), and a lively taproom. Trelvar is
assisted by his daughter, Asina, and the overly friendly
Jimes “Short Change” Iggins, who is known for giving
himself generous tips.

2. Greathall: Typically used for meetings, weddings,
and other celebrations, the Greathall is a tall, three-story
wooden structure near the center of town. Inside is one
grand space with a number of smaller rooms on each
floor. The celebration for the successful heroes occurs
here upon their return.

*3. Porters guild.

4. Temple of Erastil: The only stone building in town
is home to Haug’s only temple. While the church is
officially dedicated to Erastil, there are a number of faiths
practiced here, including Gozreh, Gorum, Shelyn, and
Torag. Father Prasst is the only priest, but most in town
refer to him as the “High Priest.”

5. Town Watch Headquarters: Guard Captain Wisslo
spends most of his time in this building or patrolling
the streets of Haug. While the guardsmen are mostly
relaxed in their duties, they become an effective force if
there is trouble in town.

6. Renet’s Steel: While Renet’s shop services much of
the town’s needs when it comes to metalworks, his quality
is nowhere near that of Braggar’s. Most metal items can
be found here for the standard prices, but there are no
masterwork items to be found at Renet’s Steel


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